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Along the coast road, beyond the Capo di Amalfi,





the town offers amazing sights from every angle. There are numerous historic stairs, or scalinatelle,

that offer the best panoramic views of the area. Visitors find it intriguing to climb these famous steps to capture the scenery that can be enjoyed from the very top. Many sites, such as Ravello, Scala and Pontone, are accessible by foot. A short path leads from Atrani to Amalfi, where striking focal points and scenic landscapes can be seen. The coastline inspires strong emotions and is a magnificent location  for a remembered lifetime. The village features local architecture that flaunts an authentic Italian style and during the time of the Maritime Republics Atrani was the residence of the noble families of Amalfi.

Atrani is a delightful village that consists of narrow streets, arches, courtyards and terraces.

It has a small, sheltered beach from which  fishermen set out at night in their small boats equipped

with lampare or jack lights.The flickering lights of the lampare”on the dark waters of the Mediterranean sea  are an unforgettable sight to behold! Then:The Romantic Grand Tour and in the sixties , the years of the economic boom and the sweet life..the young lions who divided the Summer between Capri , Amalfi and Positano...Atrani was now swarming with actors, producers, artists of all types and adventurers : Jackie Kennedy who danced barefoot on the tables of Chez Checco, Rossellini turned the town into an exclusive cinema set...In the footsteps of the VIPS , tourism exploded..