Vettica House  Tours A’ Backpacker’s Paradise

  Via maestra dei villaggi 96 -84011 (Vettica Alta) – Amalfi. 


  P.iva: 02928950654




West of Amalfi town, rising into the mountains among lemon trees and vineyards, you encounter the historical hamlets of Pastena, Pogerola, Lone, Vettica, and Tovere. Connecting these charming villages is the 'Via Maestra dei Villaggi' - in Medieval times the principal commercial route between Amalfi and the dairy-producing mountain town of Agerola. Walking this winding way, you find yourself in another, simpler world, where staircase after staircase passes among clustered farmhouses, pastel gardens, and the warming smells of genuine Italian kitchens - all along the way opening onto unparalleled views of Amalfi and the lovely Costiera Amalfitana...




Nestled high against the cliffs of the stunning Amalfi coastline, Vettica House is a small, quiet retreat among the terraced groves of a working lemon farm. Step up out of the bustle and clamor of cities, and relax on the quiet balconies before a truly captivating panorama, with the famous sapphire and emerald sea of the Costiera Amalfitana spread majestically beneath you.




It is an ideal destination for hikers, who will find themselves right in the middle of the world-famous footpaths of the spectacular 'Lattari' Mountains. And though the Farmhouse itself is not on the beach (but rather about 300 meters above it), some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe are accessable both by foot and by bus. As is characteristic of this charming region of lemon cultivation, traversed everywhere by ancient winding staircases, the only access to the Farmhouse is a serious flight of stone steps - 270 stairs in all (the equivalent of roughly 15 stories - it's a hike!), so come prepared for the climb... But once at the top, adventurous travellers seeking something a bit more unique and personal than the standard tourist track will recognize paradise.